Divine Guest House

Divine Guest House is an hotel located in a region where wine industry plays an important role.


Lusoloc is a Portuguese company located in France who rents machinery to move soil. In this logotype I have combined the Portuguese coat of arms with a bucket of a backhoe.

Marchanta Equestrian Tourism

Marchanta Equestrian Tourism is an hotel dedicated to offer equestrain stays. The 3 legs visible of the horse make the initial letter of Marchanta.

Dermaphisio Clinic

Dermaphisio is a clinic specialized in skin problems which they believe to have influence in the hole body and mind. In this case I have combined the human figure with the hexagon usually made to represent the cell of the skin

Construções Faustino

Faustino is a small builder which as most of them uses a machine to make concrete. This is the stylized shape of that machine.

Create Infor

Create Infor is an IT consultancy that believes it has a creative operating policy. This logo combines a light bulb with creative elements.


ATPC is an amateur theater group. In this logotype I have used the happy and sad masks on a tridimensional play.

Baú das Memórias

Baú das Memórias means trunk of memories and it's a photography studio. I have stylized a trunk for their logotype.

Veterinários do Sado

Veterinários do Sado is a veterinary clinic located at a city on the banks of Sado river. I have combined the initial S with the most common animals they treat.

Ti Anica Grocery

Ti Anica isn't quite a grocery it's the place where you can buy souvenirs from a Portuguese city, such as records, ceramics, food goods, etc. Ti Anica is popular woman which is believed to have been very festive and joyfull and the owner of a tavern. Her story became a popular music.