Marchanta, Equestrian Tourism

Branding, Print Design and Website.

YEAR: 2018

Marchanta is an old winery converted into an Equestrian Tourism tourist development. On this project they requested me to create a new logotype, giving it a modern and clear message about what they do. They combine the hosting with rural and equestrian tourism, disposing the richness of the local places, food and culture. This was latter extended to a promotional brochure and to a website.

From the window of the main house suite, I made the legs of a horse. This horse is a stylized Lusitanian horse, the main breed bred in Portugal. Finally, to convey the look of the inn, I added an arch and stars, symbolizing the day and night cycle. The horse was purposely left in a perspective that it is not clear if it arrives or if it is leaving, symbolizing this dynamic of entry and exit of guests.