Times are always changing.

We know how much time changes, transfigures and shapes people and their circumstances. So it is not surprising that sometimes we do not understand the traces of a distant past. It’s just that our mindset is configured for current times. This rule needs to be dismantled, so that we can start looking at something that doesn’t fit our presets at the outset.

A piece of joinery inside the wall, placed on the top of a door?

At a narrow street of an old town...

I didn’t do an exhaustive research on the subject, but I actually spent many minutes trying to reveal that strange reality. A piece of a joinery, maybe a leg of a table, inside of a wall had to mean something.
Finally i got it! It’s an old identification of a joinery shop, where people could go ask for their services.

Things have changed that much...

Until recently, it was said that the best publicity was oral transmission, which is easily imagined here being put into practice. With social media, this rule seems to have disappeared. It is now possible to manufacture oral transmission, and create a false reputation.

This image brings together two worlds that tell me a lot: the joinery that I saw my father practice for a long time; and advertising or graphic design to which I’ve devoted so much of my time.